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Our goal is to work with the Linux community to further enhance the performance of the Linux kernel. The data available on this site allows community members to closely track performance gains and losses with every version of the kernel. Ultimately, we hope that this data will result in consistent performance increases, without regressions in major Linux kernel releases.

In recent years, Linux has been evolving very rapidly. The performance and scalability of the OS kernel has been the key part of the success. Various discussions have appeared on LKML in the past regarding large performance regression between kernel versions. These discussions underscore the need for a systematic and disciplined way to characterize, improve and test Linux kernel performance.

We are a group of dedicated Linux kernel engineers taking on the challenge of testing the Linux kernel. In order to track performance, we are running a large set of benchmarks covering core components of the Linux kernel (virtual memory management, I/O subsystem, process scheduler, file system, network, device driver, etc). Benchmarks are run on a variety of platforms every week, testing the latest snapshot of Linus' git development tree. Comprehensive performance data from our tests will be hosted here for easy access.

We look forward to your feedback and inputs and please feel free to contact project maintainer:

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